Wedding Yarmulkes: What Your Custom Kippah Says About You

Kippahs became common among Jewish men around the second century. Today, the style of kippah may symbolize a Jewish person’s denomination or sect. For instance, crocheted kippahs are common among Israel’s religious Zionists while suede and fabric kippahs are widespread among modern Orthodox Jews. 

Satin kippahs have become popular with conservative and reform Jews, black velvet with haredi Orthodox Jews and bukharan style ones with Sephardic and Central Asian Jews.

Kippahs have historically indicated a person’s sub-group within the Jewish community. The Jewish community has been shifting away from the idea of a kippah being a politicized symbol of theologies and world views; rather appreciating the actual tradition that it represents.

Why Do We Wear Kippahs at Weddings?

In the Jewish religion, many of us have been taught that it is proper for Jewish men to wear a kippah. Covering one’s head symbolizes the inherent separation between man and God. The head covering itself however doesn’t carry any inherent meaning. 

That being said, culturally the kippah does serve as a marking of a Jewish person, traditionally a man, who is deeply invested in Jewish life. The Jewish custom of kippot, plural for kippah, is a custom, not a law. Like many things in Judaism, there are multiple origins for head coverings for men, such as biblical and talmudic reasons. 

The covering of one's head is a recognition that there is a separation between us and our creator. This practice is almost universally observed at Jewish ceremonies, such as a wedding, by the wedding party and its guests. For those who do not abide by the Jewish faith, the tradition is one that is more so adhered to out of respect, rather than an overtly religious gesture.

How to Choose The Perfect Kippah For Your Wedding

A kippah, also known as a yarmulke, is one Jewish detail that you can tie in to your wedding color or theme while providing the men (or women!) who are attending your ceremony a wonderful take-home memento from your special day. 

Yarmulkes come in all different colors and materials. Whether satin, velvet, leather, suede or yarn that is knitted or crocheted, there is no yarmulke too sparkly or embellished! Maybe you want a sports theme, animal print or even your wedding logo. Whatever it may be, the details of your wedding are very special, so let your kippahs earn a place in your album!

Providing and designing custom yarmulkes for your wedding does not need to be an additional stressor. Online tools provide you with the ability to mix and match designs that suit your style, theme or needs all in a matter of minutes. You can mix and match, buy bulk kippahs online and get great deals in every shape and color.

Ways to Incorporate Yarmulkes on Your Wedding Day

After you have spent some time online to design your own kippah or find the perfect paisley pattern, instrument, baseball team, hobby, happy face or simply remininents of you and your spouse, you can display your special mementos as a creative project and detail element!

  • Find a stylish box, chest or basket to hold the yarmulkes so guests can pick them up as they enter your ceremony area.
  • Line the gift or card table with yarmulkes for an extra touch to feature your color scheme or theme.
  • Designate someone to pass out yarmulkes to guests before the ceremony as they are seated. 

There endless ways for a custom kippah to perpetuate your occasion and become a wonderful reminder of the festivities. Call Klipped Kippahs to learn more about how our expert designers can help you customize your wedding yarmulkes or visit to explore all of our fabrics, colors, styles and DIY design tools for real time personalization!

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