Klipped and the YU MACS

They Yeshiva Univeristy Macs made history earlier this year with 50 game-win streak. Now they are looking to continue their journey on the road to the NCAA D3 national championship.

Their success comes from a combination of great players, smart play and great coaching. Any pure basketball enthusiast that is privileged to watch them play knows that few have ever played the game as fundamentally correct as them. In the world of one-on-one selfish basketball the YU Macs are a beacon for playing smartly and with honor. 

Klipped is honored to be a part of it, by providing them with our patented Klipped Kippahs. This way the players that choose to wear kippahs, can do what they do best and not have worry about making sure their kippahs stay on. 

Check out this great article about team, some of its players and the kippahs they wear by Abigail Leichman in the the Jewish Standard.