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  • Black Knit
  • Black Knit
13cm (5in)

Black Knit

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100% hand crocheted.

Color: Black

Because they are hand made, knit sizes may vary.

2 KLIPS Built-in 


Klipped Kippahs have been a part of our family since our son was in elementary school, middle school high school and then at his wedding!

Shely Greenspan, NY, NY

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Virtual Simchas

.........Today I "attended" two simchas. A virtual Bris and a virtual Bat-Mitzvah. The bat-mitzvah mom hired an awesome party facilitator, Estee Moscowitz to play music and organize a great game. Everyone was engaged and it came out great. I was thinking. What kind of stuff can we do to try to capture some of the Before?

I thought, what if everyone in the Zoom squares was wearing the same custom Bat Mitzvah T-shirt? That would have been even more festive and awesome.......... (Click image to read full post)

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