Virtual Simchas

  • Yarmulkes vs. Kippahs: What’s the Difference?

    There are a lot of terms to call that small Jewish round cloth cap, yarmulke, kippah, kippot, skullcap and more. One’s age and background can have a lot to do with which phrase they use. But what’s really the difference?  Ver Publicación
  • Why It Makes Sense to One-Stop Shop With Us

    While the term “one-stop shop” has been adopted by many of those in the custom industry, the interpretation can vary considerably. To be sure, a one-stop custom shop should have every good you may need to enliven your festivities, along with in-house capabilities to assist with customization.  Ver Publicación
  • How To Pick The Material For Your Custom Kippahs

    There are no limits on the types of materials that can be used to make a kippah that suits your style, theme or needs. To many, it is a symbol of self expression either on how they view themselves within the larger Jewish community. To others it is simply an expression of style  and is used to match the rest of one’s wardrobe.  Ver Publicación