How long before our event should we start our order?


Usually order take 6 weeks to produce from the time the design is approved to when they arrive to us to ship. Then, depending on where in the country you are it can take a week to ship.  This is why we recommend starting the design process 3 months before the event. This will make sure that you have enough time to make a design you are happy with and we have enough time to produce it, without rushing it. 

Do you have rush options available?

Yes. Don't worry we got you. Please click here to see all of the rush options we offer. 

How do we ship?

All custom orders are shipped via FedEx.

Can we get samples of materials and masks?

Definitely. We love sending samples. Let us know what you want and well get them out to you.

Is there a special format that you need our logo in?

Yes. We usually need a vector format logo. That basically means the original raw version of the file that we can edit and use for production. Those files usually end in .ai or .eps. If you do not have your logo in vector, we do offer inexpensive vector conversion services.

Click here to have us vectorize your logo. 

What does the ordering timeline look like. 

Great question. There are generally two stages. The pre-production phase and the production phase.

During pre-production we will be sending your virtual images of your design along with your quote to approve. Make sure that all of the info on the quote is correct because that is where the final order is taken from and shipped to. Once you approve and pay for your order we will move it into production. At this point we can not make changes to the order.

During the production phase we will be sending you a sew out proof to approve. This usually gets sent to you about 2 weeks later. A sew out proof is an actual image of your embroidered logo. Only once you approve the sew out, do we push the order into mass production. Make sure to watch our for our sew out approval email because any delay in approving it may delay your final ship date.

How do I know how big of a kippah I like? Its simple. Take any kippah. Fold it in half. Then measure the imaginary straight line between the two points. Let us know what size you want and we'll make them to your specs.
How much do the kippahs cost? Each kippah material costs a different amount. The best way to compare the pricing as well as to compare Klipped pricing is to click on the kippah options
Is there a minimum quantity that I have to order? Yes. The minimum quantity is 40 pieces for a custom order. Not all fabrics can be made in 40 pieces minimums. Please check with us to find out which ones.