Studio Sessions

Virtual Studio Session: 


Schedule a free 40 minute online studio session and meet with a custom design expert and our designer in real time. They'll share their screen and you'll get to watch your kippahs and other custom items created right before your eyes.


Perfect for: 

- People who like to work from home.

- Are in a different part of world.

- Anyone affected by COVID-19


Things to know:

- To make the session even more awesome we can send you a custom pack of samples to have with you for the session. There will be a place to fill in your address when you sign up for the virtual session. Please note that to receive a custom sample pack you have to schedule your session at least 7 days in advance.

- We need to help out everyone we can, so our complementary session can not go longer than 40 minutes.   Additional rates apply to extra sessions or sessions that go past 40 minutes. 


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In-person Studio Session: 

Currently suspended due to COVID-19, but we'll be back very soon.