• DIY MADE EASY: Customize Your Own Products Online.

     Have you ever wanted to create something from the comfort of your home? A desk, clothes, bird house, face masks etc.? In this day in age, many have realized that it is easier, cheaper and more enjoyable to create the things they want, rather than buy something that is less than what was envision... View Post
  • How to Personalize a Jewish Ceremony with a Custom Kippah

    The kippah has become one of the most visible religious emblems in Judaism. It is a custom which evolved as a sign of the recognition that there is someone “above” who watches our every act. Some Jews only wear kippot while praying, others wear it for the entire day, making sure not to walk more ... View Post
  • Keep Your Kippah Awesome!

    Custom Kippahs, Bulk Yarmulkes for Any and All Occasions

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  • Virtual Simchas

    .........Today I "attended" two simchas. A virtual Bris and a virtual Bat-Mitzvah. The bat-mitzvah mom hired an awesome party facilitator, Estee Moscowitz to play music and organize a great game. Everyone was engaged and it came out great. I was thinking. What kind of stuff can we do to try to capture some of the Before?

    I thought, what if everyone in the Zoom squares was wearing the same custom Bat Mitzvah T-shirt? That would have been even more festive and awesome.......... (Click image to read full post)

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