• The Best Custom Kippahs for your Bat Mitzvah

    A personalized Kippot is the highlight of every Jewish event. Whether you are celebrating a Bat Mitzvah or even a brit milah or a Jewish wedding, made-to-order kippahs will be the most sensational party favor for your guests. Klipped Kippahs can design, create and personally sew the Kippah of you... Ver Publicación
  • Our Favorite NBA Kippahs

    Around 7.5 million people watched the NBA finals between the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, with 450 million people playing worldwide.

    Klipped Kippahs is happy to announce that you can support your favorite team with your kippah. We offer a wide selection of NBA yarmulkes so you can represent your city and your favorite players.

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  • DIY MADE EASY: Customize Your Own Products Online.

     Have you ever wanted to create something from the comfort of your home? A desk, clothes, bird house, face masks etc.? In this day in age, many have realized that it is easier, cheaper and more enjoyable to create the things they want, rather than buy something that is less than what was envision... Ver Publicación
  • How to Personalize a Jewish Ceremony with a Custom Kippah

    The kippah has become one of the most visible religious emblems in Judaism. It is a custom which evolved as a sign of the recognition that there is someone “above” who watches our every act. Some Jews only wear kippot while praying, others wear it for the entire day, making sure not to walk more ... Ver Publicación