Virtual Simchas

It goes without saying that there is a before, during and after COVID-19. This is true in all walks of life and equally true in the event world. In this blog I'd like to write about my thoughts for the time during.

We know what that the Before was about large parties with all kinds of giveaways, catering, music and family gatherings. 

I am not sure what the After looks like. Do we go back to same as the Before or are there going to be gathering restrictions for months or years to come?

The During has been interesting. Today I "attended" two simchas. A virtual Bris and a virtual Bat-Mitzvah. The bat-mitzvah mom hired an awesome party facilitator, Estee Moscowitz to play music and organize a great game. Everyone was engaged and it came out great. I was thinking. What kind of stuff can we do to try to capture some of the Before?

I thought, what if everyone in the Zoom squares was wearing the same custom Bat Mitzvah T-shirt? That would have been even more festive and awesome. 

In the next few days we will be rolling out an awesome new service. For those people that are interested in running a virtual Zoom Bar/Bat Mitzvah, we will be offering to individually mail a custom made t-shirt or custom kippah to each one of your guests so that they can all wear it during the Zoom virtual simcha....

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