Custom Goods

  • Our Favorite NBA Kippahs

    Around 7.5 million people watched the NBA finals between the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, with 450 million people playing worldwide.

    Klipped Kippahs is happy to announce that you can support your favorite team with your kippah. We offer a wide selection of NBA yarmulkes so you can represent your city and your favorite players.

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  • Virtual Simchas

    .........Today I "attended" two simchas. A virtual Bris and a virtual Bat-Mitzvah. The bat-mitzvah mom hired an awesome party facilitator, Estee Moscowitz to play music and organize a great game. Everyone was engaged and it came out great. I was thinking. What kind of stuff can we do to try to capture some of the Before?

    I thought, what if everyone in the Zoom squares was wearing the same custom Bat Mitzvah T-shirt? That would have been even more festive and awesome.......... (Click image to read full post)

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